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Here are a few of our frequently asked questions and answers below. Questions are no longer a blocker, have a question for us? get the right answer and advise from our company experts!

UAE provides investor friendly governmental rules which attracts foreigners to start their business in UAE and get a high-quality life with world’s best infrastructure.

UAE offers various license types including trading license (for selling products), professional license (for providing expert services), industrial license (for manufacturing products), freelancer license (for individuals).

You can establish a company with your visit visa. However, in future, for opening bank account, the company manager / shareholder must have a valid residency visa.

Company formation in UAE can take minimum three working days or up to five weeks based on the preferred activity.

It depends on the business activity and the number of visa requirements. However, you can set-up your business with virtual office as well.

A mainland company allows you to do business across the world including inside UAE. Whereas, with free zone companies, you can do business only within that free zone and outside UAE.


Also, free zone companies will have limited visa quota. Whereas with mainland company, you can get visa quota according to your office size.

It will take as little as 5 working days or up to 15 working days based on the process you preferred.

Yes, it is possible for all UAE incorporations including mainland and free zone.

Yes, for professional license you as an expat will get 100% ownership and UAE National will act as a local service agent for your company.

For commercial license, UAE National must have 51% of the equity shares and balance 49% shares will be with the expat.

A PRO will take care of all your governmental transactions including renewal of the company documents, residency visas, government approvals, agreements, translations, attestations, etc.


So it is always suggestable to seek a professional PRO services who can take all your hassles and provide you result within certain timeframe.